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This weekend’s cruises were uneventful as far as weather.  The winds were typical light southerly with onshore easterly’s in the afternoon. 
The waves were 1-2 ft.  We did have some easterly swell coming in from a mid-Atlantic low.  You may have notice a slight motion during our turns.
This week is more of the same with winds predicted from the South and Southeast at 10-15kts.  The waves will be 1-2 feet from the southeast.  The ride will be very smooth for both cruises today.
Ship Terms: Slip: I was explaining the Pitch of a propeller last week and the science of how it works to move the ship through the water.  The pitch is the distance a ship should move with one rotation of the propeller….if moving through a solid.  Well water is far from a solid….so this propeller is not going to be efficient….”Slip” is the loss of efficiency due to the fact that water is not a solid.  “Slip” is measured in a percentage.  Slip varies greatly even on any given ship.  It can be effected by depth of water….weather….speed of the propeller….and many other natural and man made occurrences.
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