Tuesdays cruises were a pretty good ride overall.  When I first got to the 3-mile limit about 1132 Am there was still some residual confused seas.  Confused seas are normally generated after a stormy period and “confused” means they are coming from several different directions at the same time.  This makes it difficult to pick a good course to make a good ride.

These seas faded away throughout the day and by the end of the day cruise we had a good ride with a 2-3 foot southeasterly sea.

Today’s (Wednesday) cruises will be a good ride.  The winds are light right now and are forecast at 10-15. The rest of the week will be winds 10-15 kts and seas 2-3 feet.  Great week to come for a cruise.
Wrist bands for Motion sickness:  We realize that no matter what the seas conditions are some people are subject to motion sickness, be it on the ship, in an airplane or even in a car…..Here at Victory cruises we want your cruise experience to be a memorable one….so we now provide on board, at a minimal cost of $5.00 the “c-band” wrist bands for your convenience.  Please ask at the Players club on the 1st deck or the 3rd deck when you arrive on the vessel.
Come sail with us!
Capt Tim


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