Yesterdays cruises were as predicted…..light winds and calm seas….This may mean a boring weather blog but it makes for great cruising.  What a beautiful summer day 4 miles off beautiful Cocoa Beach…..

Today will be more of the same.  The only weather excitement is the black clouds that are on the horizon every afternoon.  Why do the clouds form every afternoon??  Remember your weather blog lessons….could be a pop-quiz any day….:)

Hurricane season:  As we get to the end of August and into September it is the typical peak of the hurricane season for the East Coast of Florida.  The past few years have been very inactive for the east coast and that is not predicted to change this year.
The local news and weather broadcast love to tell an exciting story….I feel when a “forming storm” is 1000 miles away…. it is NOT exciting news for the east coast of Florida….
I want to assure you….our customers…as the senior Captain here at Victory,  I monitor all information sources continuously and watch any developing systems closely.  If there is any threat to the safety of our passengers, our crew and our ship….I will be the first to make the call….it is my job and my duty to you all.
Come sail with us…
Capt Tim


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