Are You Tired of the Same Old Nightclubs? Check Out this Party Cruise on the Space Coast

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIf your nighttime fun has lost its sparkle, perhaps it’s time to change your itinerary to a night club over on the Space Coast. The word on the street is that the 18 & over group has discovered a party cruise on Friday and Saturday evenings in Cape Canaveral aboard the 4-deck passenger ship Victory I. Welcome evening excitement back by checking out this great venue!

The boarding pass to join this 5-hour adventure is less than $20 a person. A casual dress code is generally in effect, although you can confirm any special requirements when you call to make your reservations. Victory Casino Cruises goes out of their way to provide top entertainment for their guests, so expect some great music from the DJ at Big Norm’s Club V, the onboard location where the action is!

Dancing and singing along with the music is part of the fun of being at a night club. Even if you sing off key, it’s so noisy that no one notices. There’s plenty of room on the dance floor and a bar nearby so you can order the drinks of your choice. Energy and enthusiasm bounces off the walls and ceilings during this Central Florida party cruise.

Venture to the other decks where live action poker games and hundreds of slot machines bring the sound of music to many a player’s ears. Just seeing the different themes and ways to win is worth the excursion through the gaming area. Step out on the open deck to see how beautiful the ocean is at night. That sight isn’t available just anywhere.

Meet and greet old and new friends at this Atlantic Ocean party cruise off of Florida’s Space Coast. It is a fantastic way to spend the evening because this night club features so much more than dancing and drinking. Start your weekend off with a bang by reserving your spot early. Call VCC for reservations today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).



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