Sunday’s Cruise was a great weather day. The winds from Friday and Saturday had died down and made for a great Easter cruise.
Today will be light Southwest winds and the seas will be 1-2 feet.  This will make for a great cruise.  Come and join us.
The rest of the week will be light and variable winds…..another great spring weather week.
Gulf Stream forecasts:  I hear some comments on the “Gulf Stream forecasts from our guests.  The Gulf stream as many of you know is a very strong north running current off our coast.  When we have a northerly wind running against the current it can cause extremely heightened wave heights.  This will make a difference to boaters in south Florida such as Palm Beach and Miami.  This is because the stream only lies 3-5 miles offshore there.  Here in Central Florida the stream lies 35-60 miles off shore.  So again when you see the dire warnings on the local forecast for high seas in the Gulf Stream….you can ignore it….It has no effect in our operating area.
Capt Tim