Thursdays cruises were ideal.  Light and variable winds and waves were less than 1 ft.  Smooth sailing for all.
Friday day cruise will be very good with west winds in the forecast.  Waves will be less than 1 ft as the wind will be blowing off the beach.
Friday night the winds are forecast as 20 kts from the North.  We will go to Captains cove where we will be protected from the north winds by the reefs and Cape Canaveral.  Waves will be 1-2 3ft and the ride will be good.

Saturday the winds will come from the Northeast….The offshore predictions you see on local channels call for waves 6-9 ft. This will not be true in our operating area.  The waves will be 3-4 ft and we will run east and west.  The ride will be good with slight motion on the turns.
Capt Tim