The weekend was great for cruising…..the weather was great for cruising…winds were 5-15 knots throughout the weekend and the waves were 1-2 feet…..Every one had a great cruise….Sunday night we had our special Sailabration night cruise with great entertainment guests…..We had a great afternoon party at the Tiki deck outside the terminal from 3-6 and boarded everyone when the ship arrived form the day cruise,,,,This is becoming a very popular event….don’t miss the next one!!
This weeks forecasts are for East winds 10-15 kts in our operating area….we will maintain a very good ride.  The winds are from the east all week and the waves will be 1-3 feet.  We will keep the waves on the bow and stern for the best ride…..and we will stay in Captain’s Cove of course….
We had a little excitement on board for the Saturday day cruise….My bridge lookout noticed a small plane flying erratically and very low to the water.  He was also impeding the main ship channel entering Port Canaveral by flying very low up the channel. (6-10 ft above the water).  I reported him to the USCG station in Port Canaveral as a hazard to navigation. 
About 45 minutes after this he crashed into the sea near the end of the ship channel.  I immediately turned and brought the Victory 1 to the scene to assist and coordinate the rescue operations.  The pilot was pulled from the wreckage by a local fishing vessel.  The plane quickly sank to the bottom……
Law of the Sea #1… always come to the aid of others that are in trouble….
Capt Tim