This was a great weekend for cruising.  The weather was great with light winds. Small seas and lots of sunshine other than the short period rain on Saturday afternoon.
Today will be more of the same. The winds will be light from the west today. This makes for a beautiful day as the wind is off the beach and the waves will be near flat.
The rest of the week is also light winds with the wind going to the South…then Southwest and then the West again…….We call this light and variable…the best kind…..
Come join us this week….it will be a great week to cruise any day!
Ship Safety Checks:  The first week of the month is a busy time for us….all safety items on the ship that have to do with fire fighting, lifesaving, life rafts, alarm bells ect ect…have to be visually checked and physically tested by one of our crew members….just as an example we have over 100 hand portable fire extinguishers you will see strategically placed about the ship…these all have to be checked and noted.  We have about 50 general alarm bells…these have to be visually checked and then each one tested from the bridge while the crew members verifies that it rings….loud speakers….again nearly 100…have to be tested……all these items are on check-sheets that have to be signed and  kept on record for one year in case the USCG asks to see them at one of our inspections……Just another reason you should feel safer on a US-Flag, USCG inspected vessel…..
Capt Tim