Sundays Cruises were a good ride with brisk winds form the North and Northwest.  We were able to stay in Captains Cove where we get the natural protection from the North winds.
The winds will be from the Northwest again today and will be diminishing through the day today and tomorrow.  All the cruises today and tomorrow will see winds from the North and Northwest. The waves will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be very good.
The days will be clear/cool and sunny….come join us.
Sea Story: (don’t get me started on sea stories….:)  Some of our staff were amused by my story of using oak trees and church steeples for navigational reference.  This a very true account of the beginnings of ship piloting…It is also not such an “ancient” practice in the “third world” areas today.  I was on a 50,000 ton tanker during the first Iraq war in 1990.  We were to establish a beach-head supply line in Hurgahda, Egypt.  This was a small dessert Port in the Red Sea. There was no docks or any other type of Port facilities. When I arrived to enter the “Port” I was told there was not Pilot available for this Port.  I was instructed by “someone”…his name was Mohammad, to proceed into the port and I would see a long stick in the water.  Before I got to this stick turn to the south and go about 1/2 mile and drop my anchor……This was one of my “pucker factor” ship handling moments…..pucker factor??? You ask is that a nautical term??  Yes it is….but that is a story for another blog….Lol ;-)…stay tuned….
Capt Tim