Mondays cruises were a good ride with winds from the South at 10-15 kts through the day.  Waves were 2-3 feet and we kept the wind on the bow or the stern for the best ride.
Today and the rest of the weeks forecast is for light South and Southwest winds.  The waves will be 1-2 feet and the ride will be great.  We will cruise North and South 3.5 miles off the beach fro the best ride.
Nautical Terms:  Some of the basic knowledge a new recruit on board Victory has to learn is the difference in some of the basic terms from a land side job to the ship sided version. 
Here are some samples:
Shore side                Ship-side
-Stairs                      Ladder
-Bathroom                 Head
-Door                        Hatch
-Floor                       Deck
-Ceiling                     Overhead
-Kitchen                    Galley
-Bedroom                  Stateroom
-Bed                         Bunk
Pop quiz tomorrow…..
Capt Tim