Thursdays cruises were great cruises.  We had good crowds and the weather was typical of Florida spring time.  Winds were 10-15 from the north and then from the East (natural sea breeze)
Today and this weekend the forecasts are calling for increasing easterly winds up to 15-20 kts.  Easterly winds with this velocity do not create a problem for us.  In our operating area the waves will be 3-4 ft.  The waves will be directly on the bow or stern so they will only be noticeable on the turns which only take us 2-3 minutes and are carefully executed by me to have little effect on our comfort levels.
Leave the “ride” to me and come enjoy the cruise!!
Sea Breeze:  You may have heard this term on the local weather forecast.  A “sea breeze” is a naturally occurring act of nature that occurs quite regularly on spring and summer afternoons.  It is Mother Natures air conditioning.  During the day the land heats up a lot faster than the ocean from the daily sunshine.  As this imbalance becomes more severe the wind will start to blow from the Ocean onto the land to “cool” or even out the temperatures.  This creates an Easterly wind on the east coast and a Westerly wind on the west coast…..What happens when these two opposing “sea breezes” clash in the center of the state……
This is the main cause of  our summer thunder showers…..we get rain….that completes the cooling cycle for the day….
Mother Nature is a smart old lady….:-!Yikes!!  just called a woman “old”….better stay inside during the next lightning storm!!!
Capt Tim