A  Theme Park in Near Cocoa Beach with a Vegas Twist

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsThere is a lot of buzz lately about the intriguing theme park in Cocoa Beach, Florida, although it is actually about 10 minutes away in Cape Canaveral. It seems so many interesting activities are created for kids and teens lately, with adults left to find their own source of entertainment. Victory Casino Cruise Lines is a welcome exception. If an Atlantic cruise sounds tempting, but you only have a day’s worth of free time every week, prepare to relax because this cruise is right up your alley!

VCC runs two 5-hour cruises daily from Cape Canaveral out to the international waters of the Atlantic. There is no need to rack you brains over the coals to think about how to get to the port in time. Simply make arrangements to be picked up by one of the shuttles or motor coaches the day of your cruise. There are several pickup points in the area, making it convenient to be dropped off right by the boarding area. The great theme parks in Orlando use this method of transportation and the crowds love it!

What else can you expect from this theme park near Cocoa Beach, Florida? Enough room and events to walk around, see, and enjoy are realized expectations. This is a four-deck cruise ship providing food, drink, entertainment, and gaming. The sports book has delicious drinks at the bar and all the favorite sporting events being broadcast at that time on a multitude of TVs! Bet the game when Las Vegas is taking book on the action.

Get ready to enjoy favorite slot machines like those you find in landlocked and internet casinos because they are onboard the Victory! Coinless play and modern electronic machines make the action more fun and much easier to enjoy. Roulette, blackjack, and several varieties of poker are examples of the thrills in store when taking part in this live table action.

Guarantee your place on the ship’s manifest well in advance. Twelve hundred passengers are a small number to get when the Victory is the best theme park near or in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Give the staff a call today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


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