Here’s a Must Do While Visiting Cocoa Beach, Florida

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIt is practically a rule to schedule at least a game of miniature golf when you visit the Sunshine State, just so you can drop the “I once golfed in Florida” comment into a conversation. Beaches abound on both sides of the state, so a person almost has to go out of the way to avoid seeing the sparkling sands and waves that are so representative of this state. Here’s a must do while visiting Cocoa Beach, Florida that may not have made it to your travel itinerary as yet.

Picture this: a shuttle picking up the adults in your party, where you join others on their way to one of the latest ways to have fun around this city. Destination, the port, where Victory Casino Cruises has a 4-deck, 1200 passenger liner waiting to take her guests for an early or late afternoon gaming excursion along the Atlantic. Just getting to know your fellow passengers before boarding the ship delivers a sense of anticipation about this 5-hour journey to international waters and back.

One reason this is a must do while visiting Cocoa Beach, Florida is that this might actually be the first time on this visit where you get to relax and have fun. Someone else is doing the driving, while your biggest concern is what to do first. If you get hungry during the early afternoon cruise, walk the decks to order a delicious salad or sandwich. Passengers on the evening cruise enjoy the scrumptious sit-down dinner with an incredible carving station.

You will find the same quality electronic slots that you enjoy playing at the landlocked casinos back home, as well as table games featuring VCC’s friendly, professional dealers. Once your vacation or business time is locked in, call right away to lock in a must do while visiting Cocoa Beach, Florida by dialing 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286)!


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