Promotional graphic for 100% slot loss return May 19th-May 21st on Victory Casino Cruises

All guests who join us on May 19th – May 21st, that have a Victory Players Club card, will be eligible to receive 100%* of all money they lose on the slot machines back. Losses must be between $100.00 and $1,500.00 cumulative over the 3 day period to be eligible. Guests who sail multiple trips over the three days can add their losses up over the 6 cruises.


The losses will be determined by ratings through our player tracking system. You must have your card in the machine at the time of play to be rated. A report will be run through following each day of the event to make a list of all players that played each day. After three days, the lists will be combined and totaled. This will give us one final list of everyone that lost between the minimum $100, and the cap return amount of $1,500.

The 100% return will be awarded in three equal installments via free play on their Players Club card. You must sail Wednesday June 20th,  Thursday July 12th, and Friday August 17th. If you do not sail on those specified cruises, you will not be able to collect any return for that day. You may collect on any of the three sails 33% of your return, however, you must sail all three to receive 100% back.


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