Relax on a Day Cruise near Palm Coast that Won’t Break the Bank

Victory Casino Cruises Online RegistrationsIt is a fantastic experience to watch your kids learn about archeology when they visit Bing’s Landing near the bike trails at Palm Coast, Florida. Affordable fun for the younger members of the family is always a good thing to know about. Now family members 18 and over can take a break by scheduling an affordable day cruise near Palm Coast with Victory Casino Cruises.

The Florida coast is incredibly beautiful, whether you’ve seen it one time or pass it daily. You can stop and visit a favorite boutique or beach area on the way to or returning from Victory II’s berth in Jacksonville. Once the five-hour cruise begins, take in the view from the other side of the shore. The sparkling sands and playful dolphins add a refreshing change of scenery.

Have you seen the lineup for college football day games this season? You can plan a relaxing day cruise near Palm Coast and still catch your team at their finest. Victory II has a Sports Book with comfy seats, a full-service bar, and the opportunity to bet on the action. When Vegas takes book on a game, VCC follows suit.

The chance of winning big money at bingo adds to its appeal. The game is held on nearly every 11 AM sailing. Encourage several friends to join you on the cruise and a friendly game of bingo. Of course, there are 300 slot machines with multi-level bets and progressive jackpots that draw a lot of attention on this cruise. It’s a perfect five-hour opportunity to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or just some time with some friendly strangers.

Drinks are free while gambling. The bartenders are professionals at creating the alcoholic and nonalcoholic concoctions of your choice. Choose from a variety of a la carte salads and sandwiches if the hunger monster strikes during the day cruise near Palm Coast. Even allowing 600 people on the cruise, the ship fills quickly. Make your reservation today by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


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