A Musical Journey - Rick Silanskas and Josh Leggett

Join us on the AM and PM cruise on Tuesday, October 24th to see two extraordinary musical talents, Josh Leggett and Rick Silanskas, coming together in one astounding production to celebrate a journey of music in Big Norm’s Club V. Rick Silanskas was honored to compose an original symphony of hope following 9/11 for the U.S. President and he also has presented his music to The Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. In addition, in 2013, Josh Leggett was honored to perform at The Vatican for the Pope.

Encompassing the classic music from Glenn Miller to Billy Joel to classic groups like Chicago, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, Andrea Bocelli, Aerosmith, the sounds of Broadway and show stopping production numbers, “Rick and Josh Live” is a literal non-stop memorable experience! The expansive custom designed symphonic keyboards of Rick Silanskas creates a virtual “live” orchestral production. Also, the magnificent vocal talent of Josh Leggett makes it an amazing production. They are considered the most unique and dynamic musical duo in America!

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