Lovestruck Robot at Victory Casino!



Saturday, March 19th is a day you should set aside for the ultimate music extravaganza. Victory Casino Cruise is welcoming back Lovestruck Robot, and they will be taking center stage in Big Norm’s Club V. Join us for a night full of dancing, drinking, partying and great fun.
Do you love Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, The Supremes, Lenny Kravitz and Outkast? Now imagine getting a power blender and throwing all these music acts in the blender. The result? The perfect musical smoothie. That’s exactly who Lovestruck Robot are. A beautiful mashup of your favorite musicians.
This explosive, fresh and young music group is super talented, and they know how to throw one big musical party. All the fun activities that make the Victory Casino Cruise will still be in play and you can shuffle between great music by Lovestruck Robot and some casino fun like playing your favorite game.
This event is the perfect place to take your love interest if he/ she is a great music fan who has a taste for nothing but the best. We are talking about a group that has performed all over the world in some of the biggest arenas such as the Superbowl, Ritz Theater, World Famous House of Blues and they have also performed on American Idol and The Voice. These are real pros who are really good at what they do.
Lovestruck Robot’s repertoire consists of throwback Motown mashups and old school classic to the top 40 cover tunes that are specially designed to make people from all ages dance and have a good time.
If you happen to be in Florida, and you enjoy playing in the most exclusive and expensive casinos, Victory Casino Cruise is the place to be on this particular Saturday. Dance along to the best music and when you are ready to chill out, play in our world-class casino that only accepts exclusive clients. You can be sure you are going to be in the right company as you sip on the most expensive drinks and dine on the finest dinner prepared by the best chefs.
A night featuring the best music on a world class cruise is the true definition of a magical night. Be sure to get one of the coveted slots by booking with us well in advance to avoid getting disappointed. Lovestruck Robot are all the rage right now, and tickets are selling like hot cake, so hurry while stocks last.


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